CHANGE 2015 (research)


In the summer of 2015, Jason lived and wandered for 5 days on and around the streets of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. The original skid row of the West Coast of North America. A neighborhood consisting of a mixture of the heavy addicted, the homeless, prostitutes, aboriginal Canadians, abused women and their children, the Chinese elderly, food banks, night shelters and the Carnegie community centre.


The work is a look on the contrast between the rich and developing city of Vancouver, and the poor and centralized Downtown Eastside, and the quest for finding a new definition in asking for change on the streets. The research will transition into an 8 hours live video performance titled CHANGE.




Concept/Research: Jason Gwen

Photography: Wayne a. Hoecherl

Videography: Chanel Klein

With the support of Duncan MacCallum, ACME Studios


August 16 – August 20, 2015