TOO Much Inc.


The Motion Picture Era




TOO MUCH inc. is an ever-changing motion arts company –led by JASON GWEN. Across ON all on, and OFFLINE MEDIA. The work is about the look on Western actuality, from different perspectives of other parts of the world. Jason was born in Vietnam but grew up in the Netherlands and with returning periods in Canada. The focus is on a broad look on the global daily work patterns. The (re)questioning about (sub)conscious choices we make to create and live a certain reality. Most of the work is being preceded by a research phase, where Jason is living in a certain reality for a period of time, before creating the work. We focus on the way of living of others’, see people that people rather not see.


The work has been shown in multiple forms next to (site-specific) performances like pop-up stores, exhibitions, installations, theatre plays, choreographic work, dance concerts, concept albums, musical compositions, short video’s, photography series, graphic designs, fashion designs, gesamstkunstwerk, protests, and many more to explore.


At various venues like the European Cultural Centre during Venice Biennale (Venice), Alternative’s Pride: Central Studios (Vancouver), Festival Lumos (Paris), Dutch Design Week Music (Eindhoven), het Nieuwe Instituut x Thursday Night Live (Rotterdam), Bonnefantenmuseum x Art Rocks (Maastricht) | In Amsterdam at Amsterdam Dance Event, Mainstage Dam Square x Pride Amsterdam, Milkshake Festival, Uitmarkt, Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, Wasteland, Valtifest and Paradiso | in Arnhem at Musis, Luxor Live, Theater aan de Rijn, Posttheater, The Fashion & Design Festival, Nacht van de Mode and Sonsbeek Theater Avenue.



The Big Break



The Music Era



The Visual Arts Era



The Performance Era



The Dance Era


TOO MUCH inc. was found in 2011 in the Netherlands. (the work started with Ornella Marchwicka &Patrick Radu)