Our latest creation COMFORT GIRLS, a 4 hours running pop-up bar installation, has the chance to tour abroad in the spring time to countries like Belgium, Germany and France.


The installation wants to offer a new alternative to the sex workers industry and put a spotlight on the 5 million people that has been part of human trafficking the past 15 years.

Inspired by the KARAOKE OM BARS from Vietnam, where women serve beer, and offer sexual comfort during the consumption, we will offer the intimacy and NOT the sex.


We have started a donation campaign to raise money to travel with the installation, build up the installation and buy in the beer. The Campaign will end on December 1, 2017!

Take a look at the campagain:


For all our friends outside the Netherlands, you can directly donate money to our non-profit foundation, and we will top up the campaign with your money. We thank you for investing the work!



Foundation ARNHEMS Work

NL 02 ABNA 0247 724 653

BIC/Swift Code: ABNA NL 2A


Take a look at the installation: