JASON GWEN, is a Dutch-Vietnamese Film Actor, Musician &Visuals Producer.

After wrapping up the Performer/Dancer/Maker program at the Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands in 2010, Jason has continuously worked between film projects, creating his own electronics/hip hop sound, and developed concepts, in new ways of showing performances. Working from a different disciplinary, every season.



As an actor, he had the leading role of Wang, in the feature film Ataraxia, that went in premiere at the NETHERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL in 2013. And recently in a supporting role of Jing Sheng in the Dutch/Belgian TV-Series GRENSLANDERS produced by Eyeworks Belgium, now streaming on AMAZON PRIME NL. In the same season, he graced with his music, on the stages of Amsterdam Dance Event, Dutch Design Week Music, Vault Events, at Central Studios in Vancouver, Canada and on the Mainstages of Pride Islas Canarias Spain, and Dam Square at PRIDE AMSTERDAM –he had his popular music debut in 2017 in, Paradiso and Milkshake Festival in the same weekend.


During the closing of the Biennale di Venezia 2019, Jason has shown his live video-performance CHANGE at the Personal Structures program, at the European Cultural Centre. Next to the work of Yoko Ono, and in the same curation with Marina Abramovic) A creation about homelessness and modern trade markets. Actual topics before the Covid pandemic hit worldwide.



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MUSIC – JASONgwen.com



TOO MUCH inc. is the company where Jason produces and directs performance works in, in the public space and on media. With the trust and financial support of Municipality of Arnhem and the Amsterdam Funds for the Arts -as the INITIAL Funds to invest in JASON GWEN, and his endeavors.

TOO MUCH inc. – JASONgwen.com



He worked for the following directors from 2010 on:

Film: Erik de Bruyn, Hanro Smitsman, Erwin van den Eshof, Jon Karthaus, an introduction with Arne Toonen, and upcoming directors like Marco Grandia, Anne Vaandrager and Thor Braun.

Theatre: Dries Verhoeven, Jens Erwin-Siemssen, Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen,

Ed Wubbe, Kristel van Issum, Maarten van der Put & Pauline Roelants, Hildegard Draaijer and Ellen ten Damme.



Jason is born close to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Left the country at 8 months, and through a few different countries, ended up in the Netherlands at the age of 5. From the age of 12 Jason travelled between Canada and the Netherlands, as his family is broken up in two, due to communism back in the 80’s. Currently he likes to travel between Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Arnhem. And with a loft in New York, as his future house prospects.