The Fe/Male Project is a choreographic work set in a series of competitive repetition. From crawling, to running, from jumping to falling. Which performer has the strongest mental and physical condition? The ultimate test for the survival of the fittest. What the audience doesn’t know is that the order of the individual condition is pre-determined, and the whole piece is a structured act. Questioning the authenticity of the performers, and the credibility of the audience.


(full taping)



Concept, Direction: Jason Gwen

Performance 2013: Ornella Marchwicka, Gieorgij Puchalski, Ewa Sikorska, Jason Gwen

Performance 2012: Ornella Marchwicka, Niki van Callandt, Helena Veum, Sioban van Druten

Costume Design: Joris Suk, Cherish Brouwer

With the support of Festival Nulpunt, Arnhem and Modetuin, Arnhem





June 26

THE FE/MALE PROJECT/arnhems work

Musis Concert Hall, Arnhem



June 29

THE FE/MALE PROJECT/arnhems work

Vondelpark Openluchttheater, Amsterdam


June 9

THE FE/MALE PROJECT/arnhems work

Festival Nulpunt, Arnhem


June 2, 3

THE FE/MALE PROJECT/arnhems work

Modetuin, Epix Gallery, Arnhem