JASON gwen /Foundation ARNHEMS Work

starts the pilot project CARGO


on the current WWIII we’re living in.

Can we become a wwFREE world?



Wednesday October 7, 2020 /20.00-22.00 /Willemeen, Willemsplein 1, Arnhem

feat. CARGO open call /space for 10 artists/art lovers to come and brainstorm with us about this new creation in the 2024 season.

A transitional performance, connecting 4 cities from the Netherlands and Germany via an enclosed van.

With no windows during the transition. By arrival at the connecting the city, the freedom will be rewarded celebrational.


Please RSVP by sending an email to:

The event will act within the 1,5m COVID-19 needed measures.




Tuesday March 17, 2020 /8-9pm /Hi Canada Vancouver Downtown

feat. two stranded travelers from Vietnam &Germany, who couldn’t travel due to COVID-19.

On COVID-19 as a one year silence -remembering the 75 years since WWII.



Friday Januaray 24, 2020 /09.30-10.30am /RARAradio, Leidingstraat 17a, Eindhoven Strijp-S

feat. the German radio host MUNNE, who has been living most of his life in the Netherlands.


This project is supported by the Municipality of Arnhem, the Netherlands, in the context of the 75 Years Remembrance of WWII.