JASON gwen /Foundation ARNHEMS Work

starts the pilot project CARGO

a series of TABLE TALKS ON INSTAGRAM, LIVE, AND ON THE RADIO, all at the same time

on the current WWIII we’re living in.

Can we become a wwFREE world?




Friday 01.24.20 /09.30-10.30am /RARAradio, Leidingstraat 17a, Eindhoven Strijp-S

feat. MUNNE & JASON gwen.



Tuesday 03.17.20 /Hi Canada Vancouver Downtown

feat. WWIII in the times of COVID-19


This project is supported by the Municipality of Arnhem, the Netherlands, in the context of the 75 Years Remembrance of WWII.


We have seats for anyone who wants to join us at the table in the upcoming editions.

Please send an email to: