The store is created for anyone who’s looking for CHANGE but doesn’t know how to. The main item on sale is a modern bible with no explanation of what the content could be. However, it promises to offer CHANGE to anyone who wants to break their own life pattern.


As part of the store is a video-installation depicting the neighborhood of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver, Canada. The world’s original skid row. A clustered neighborhood consisting over 50 streets, occupied by the addicted, and the homeless. And endless governmental support, e.g. food banks, night shelters, fresh needles and recovery programs. Skid rows can be mostly found nearby harbor cities.


As part of the research, Jason wandered for a week in the summer of 2015, day and night on the streets of DTES. The store questions the question of asking for CHANGE on the streets, are they in need of small money or a different kind of CHANGE? The store also questions the repeated pattern of providing the drugs and providing the aid. If we can point out the pattern, is that the moment when the CHANGE can be made?

Algorithm redefined offline.


Is TOO Much Inc.’ first concept store.

Opening for one month long in December 2019 in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Wednesdays-Sundays. 16.20-17.50 (SHARP)

Location: Somewhere on the busy shopping streets.



Between 12.00-18.00 (6 hrs)


On the closing weekend of The Venice Biennale 2019, the store will have it’s test pilot on Saturday/Sunday November 23/24 in the PERSONAL STRUCTURES PROGRAM, at The European Cultural Centre.

Location: Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova 3659, Venezia, Italy.

Opening Hours: 12.00-18.00



Concept, Research, Direction, Production AND Performance: Jason Gwen (NL, CA, VN)

PR and Production Extension: Sinan Seyhan (NL/Turkey)

Photography: Denise Klevering (NL), JT Thomas (Singapore), Wayne a. Hoecherl (Canada)

Videography: Fris Vision (NL), Corneliu Ganea (Romania), Chanel Klein (Canada), Maya Ritchey (Canada)

Editor: Niels de Vries (NL)

Music Composition: Ruud Hermans (NL)

Textile Design /First Draft: Tuan Nguyen (NL, VN)

With the financial support of Municipality of Arnhem, the Netherlands

And the initial support of ACME Studios, Vancouver, Canada