HOMOSEXUALITY a 4 hours performance installation for two male actors, going through the different layers of the rainbow, caged within in a cage where the audience can walk in and out, and experience closely from the side lines.


The performance is a Western look on the modern search for intimacy among gay men. From uninhibitedly sharing musical show tunes, to walking the streets like it’s the runway, while preaching self-loving catch phrases – exploring brotherhood within sports like Turkish oil wrestling, to the growing popularity of using drugs while having sex and the shared fear for the endless possibility of contracting the HIV Virus.


4 hours non-stop the two actors mirror each other, while zooming in the different layers of HOMOSEXUALITY, and zooming out, away from the sexual orientation.




Concept, Direction: Jason Gwen

Performance: Kalle Gerrits-Nord and Jason Gwen

Fashion Design, Art Direction, Set Design: Hans Hutting/FUNDIES

Photography: Denise Klevering

Cinematography: Mr. RD

Graphic Design: Ruben Heerings

Production Assistence: Bilge Demirel


TOUR 2016

June 2

Salon des Refusés (preview)

Sauna Steamworks, Arnhem


June 24,25

Seasoning #10 (PREMIERE CRUISING /30 Min Version)

United Cowboys, Eindhoven


July 30,31

Milkshake Festival (try out)

Westerpark, Amsterdam


August 18,19,20

Sonsbeek Theater Avenue (PREMIERE)

Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem